We have participated at the inception of hundreds of new businesses. We take the time to understand our clients, their businesses and their goals so that we can create the corporate and transactional structures most conducive to success. We assist clients in structuring their enterprises, whether through corporations, partnerships or joint ventures, in order to efficiently contribute to their business while facilitating the most likely financing and exit scenarios.

As registered office to many companies, we provide routine corporate services such as making corporate filings and attending to day to day corporate matters in order to assist companies in compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to them.

Our corporate and business services include advice on the following:

  • structuring corporations, including customizing articles of incorporation, by-laws, shareholder agreements and trusts
  • structuring partnerships and joint ventures
  • corporate governance measures
  • agreements among principle shareholders
  • corporate record maintenance

In the later stages of our clients’ businesses, we advise on corporate acquisitions of all types: take-overs, amalgamations, asset sales and purchases, licenses and joint ventures. Because so many growth companies go public in Canada, we have particular expertise in developing restructuring plans that efficiently accommodate securities and exchange regulations.